New change management presentation added to the library

The Meaning Business Presentations page has a few new additions, including the PRIA webinar on change, and a super short guide to the Shorter COMMS Plan.

Essential persuasion tools for internal communication

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 2.0

I’m a little bit Pavlovian when it comes to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Every time I see it, I have an urgent need to share it with communicators. This is driven in part by the blank looks from managers, or worse still, communicators I have occasionally encountered when talking to them about engagement. Yet this is one of the fundamental ‘ways of knowing’ that informs our communication practice.

That’s why this post from the the clever content marketers, curators and link-baitering masters at Buffer caught my eye. They have curated 10 very useful theories of persuasion, including Maslow’s Hierarchy and the Reciprocity Norm. These are all useful for communicators.

I’d be interested to hear about what models you find most useful. Add your suggestions in the comments.

Social Media Influence: 10 Theories to Know For Greater Persuasion.

Release Control of the Corporate Narrative—and Reap the Rewards | IABC World Conference

What lesson does Disney’s Frozen have for internal communicators?

In the lead up to the IABC World Conference, this came up in the conversation with Natasha Nicholson, Executive Editor of IABC’s CW Magazine about how transmedia storytelling is changing the game for internal communication.

We discuss the difference between stories and story worlds, seeing the corporate story from multiple perspectives and the idea that sometimes, communicators need to ‘let it go’ when it comes to trying to control the message.

A good story is still a good story, but the ways in telling it are now very different and the ways of sharing it are a lot more open.

Release Control of the Corporate Narrative—and Reap the Rewards | IABC World Conference.

The full interview runs 14 minutes and is available here.

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