Change communication. For the better.


great communication unlocks potential, engages employees and equips leaders

With almost 20 years experience in organisational communication, Meaning Business can help with virtually every aspect of internal comms and engagement.



Great communication starts with understanding the challenge, the audience and the opportunity.

Strategy and planning

Whether your organisation needs to improve engagement, manage transformation, tell new stories or equip leaders to communicate more effectively, having a clear strategy and a plan to make it happen is essential.

Communication services

Bringing the plan to life requires great execution. With access to a range of creative services and smart partnerships with great providers, we can provide an end to end communication solution.

Manage change

All communication seeks to change something; minds, behaviours, feelings. Change management services include readiness assessments, stakeholder analysis, facilitation and communication.

Contact Meaning Business to discuss your communication needs.

Sounding Board Sessions

Do you need specific advisory services or consultation? These sessions provided you dedicated consulting so you can grill me, ask advice, get an opinion, brainstorm strategy or practice your plan.

Using the COMMS plan method as a coaching conversation, we can explore:

  • Context – What is happening – why do you need support?
  • Outcome – What do you need to happen?
  • Message – How can you create clarity?
  • Methods – What steps can you take?
  • Support – What will help you get there?

Find out more about Sounding Board Sessions here.

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