The Shorter COMMS Plan

COMMS Method Work the process (1)

Complexity is the new normal for almost all organisations. Engagement is down, change is constant. Effective communication remains a critical and sometimes elusive tool in getting things done well.

There is no magic ‘template’ for communication planning, but following a consistent planning process ensures clear, targeted messages that get the outcomes required.

Having worked with diverse organisations implementing many different changes, we have identified some fundamental elements that help connect communication activity with the business outcomes you need to achieve.

What is the Shorter COMMS Plan?

As featured in IABC Communication World, the Shorter COMMS Plan is a simple method for getting better outcomes from communication.

The Shorter COMMS Plan V2.2

The Shorter COMMS Plan V2.2

Who is the COMMS Plan for?

The Shorter COMMS Plan is simple enough to be adopted by project teams, leaders, managers or communication professionals to ensure a better outcome for their business activity by getting the communication right. For HR and Communication teams, the Shorter COMMS Plan provides a straightforward toolset that can help cut through the clutter and become a valuable framework for alignment.

As Executive Teams the COMMS Plan can be used as a means of translating strategy into pragmatic communication and change activity that creates a true line of sight for employees – a key driver of employee engagement.

Course Outlines

There are three core workshops based on the COMMS approach:

The COMMS Plan: Five steps to more effective communication

An introduction to the use of the COMMS Plan method to achieve better outcomes with communication and planning. The COMMS Plan is a clear five-step process that can be easily adopted and adapted in any organisation for clearer communication and greater impact.

Better manager communication: Using the COMMS Plan as a leadership tool

The most significant impact on an employee’s experience is their manager. This one-day program provides managers a powerful, simple communication planning approach that can be used for 1:1 discussions, team meetings, presentations and during change.

Communicating to achieve change

Change is a core competency for all organisations, and communication has a significant role in making change work. This one-day program focuses on the essentials of change management for communicators, with an emphasis on ensuring outcomes through action.

Download the Meaning Business Course Brochure here [PDF]:  Meaning Business COMMS Course Overview WS or book a workshop.

Feedback on the Shorter COMMS Plan

Alive With Ideas produced a roundup of planning methods and tools for helping organisations communicate more effectively, including the COMMS framework.

MediaWise Communications have adapted the model, changing Methods to ‘Manage’ and ‘Support’ to Strategy Review

The 2015 Government Communication Australia Conference round up from Comms Go Digital included the COMMS Plan as a tool.

And meanwhile, the original How to Create A Communication Plan I created for WikiHow has reached over 500000 views.

For information on future Shorter Comms Plan workshops please get in touch.




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