Sounding Board Sessions

Sometimes we can all use a little help.

You are an experienced communicator, and you have a plan. But you have hit a block, face a new challenge, need a second opinion, want to explore new options.

Or you’re a mid-career communicator wanting advice on how to tackle a thorny organisational issue: a new change project; preparing to coach a leader, exploring options for channels or communication strategy.

If you are an emerging practitioner, you are wondering about your professional development options and planning how to grow your skills and experience.

For business leaders and project managers, you might be wondering where to get started with briefing an agency, planning an announcement or structuring a team.

If you need the expertise of an experienced consultant for advice, a second opinion, or to get you started, a Meaning Business Sounding Board Session is for you.

Sounding Board Sessions provide you the benefits of an agency with:

  • Expert support on-demand
  • Practical experience across every industry sector
  • Cost-effective consulting and advisory services
  • Flexible and simple procurement options
  • Access to COMMS tools.

Ready to get started? Or read on for more…

Why can Meaning Business help me?

I’m Jonathan Champ, and I love helping people communicate.

As the founder of Meaning Business, I’ve help CEOs, CXOs, Executive Teams, Communication Directors, Project Managers, HR teams, Marketing Managers, solve challenges through communication, change management and leadership.

Across two decades, I have worked as a leading communicator across three ASX top 25 companies (Westpac, IAG, QBE), government, public service, education, manufacturing, professional services, charities, arts organisations, tech startups, real estate firms, social enterprises, and other NGOs.

In other words, I have helped hundreds of communicators with their professional development, with targeted research and advice combined with pragmatic solutions.

Some of the organisational communication challenges I have solved for clients or as an in-house communicator include:

  • Restructures
  • Product Launch
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Communication Audits and Research
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Divestment
  • Relocations
  • Technology Change
  • Enterprise Social Network Evaluation and Implementation
  • Professional Development coaching

And if it is something I am less familiar with, I have access to an extensive global network of experienced professionals to call on for a second opinion.

What resources do you draw on?

  • Creator of the Shorter COMMS Plan
  • Designer of Melcrum’s Introduction to Internal Communication course (completed by over 1000 communicators worldwide).
  • Author of wikihow entry How to create a communication plan viewed over half a million times.
  • Presented Corporate Storyworlds to the 2014 IABC World Conference
  • Curated, chaired and facilitated professional development for communicators through Change, Engagement and Communication conferences.
  • My Slideshare The business of change, the art of communication has been viewed over 8000 times.
  • Contributed research to Melcrum reports on change management, agile communication, enterprise social media.
  • Former Melcrum trainer (including Blackbelt, Change and Leadership communication).
  • Guest lecturer at Macquiarie University & Notre Dame University.
  • Co-Chair IABC Gold Quill Evaluation Panel 2015-2017.
  • Communication Chair IABC Asia Pacific 2016
  • Licensee and executive producer of TEDxParramatta

My LinkedIn profile is here along with a selection of my writing on communication.

How does it work?

The session is your time so you can grill me, ask advice, get an opinion, brainstorm strategy or practice your plan.

Using the COMMS plan method as a coaching conversation, we can explore:

  • Context – What is happening – why do you need support?
  • Outcome – What do you need to happen?
  • Message – How can you create clarity?
  • Methods – What steps can you take?
  • Support – What will help you get there?

How do I get started?

  1. Book a sessionChoose from 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute sessions. Each session includes preparation prior to discussion.
  2. Schedule consultation. Within 24 hours, I will be in touch to schedule our consultation.  The 90 minute and 120 minute sessions can be broken into shorter distinct sessions if required.
  3. Complete the pre-survey. I’ll also ask a few focussed questions in advance so we can make the most of your time.
  4. Meet.In person, by phone or by Skype. We know the best communication is face to face. Using the COMMS tool, we will work through your issue or challenge. This is your time.
  5. Follow up. The aim of Sounding Board Sessions is to deliver self-contained support, tools, solutions and advisory that can be easily applied. Meaning Business has developed a wide range of tools and support materials that can be adapted to your situation.

In the course of this process, if there are additional needs that are identified, the cost of the Sounding Board Session will be credited to any engagement arising from the session.


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Working with great businesses and organisations

Jonathan has presented webinars for HR Daily and OHS Alert readers on a variety of communication topics, and we’ve always been thrilled with the results. He has a great range of material, and presents in a very personable, accessible style. He’s absolutely always a pleasure to work with.

Jo Knox, Owner/Managing Editor at HR Daily, Shortlist and Recruiter Daily

A calm, considerate and constructive presence makes Jonathan Champ a joy to be around. He’s strategic in thought and facilitative in his approach. Brings out the best in people.

Michael Ambjorn, Chair @IABC | Founder @alignyourorg | #createconnection

Jonathan is the whole package. A deeply experienced and versatile communicator who cuts to the heart of a challenge, blends creative strategy and solutions, and does so with insight drawn from years in the profession. Quite simply, he’s an expert and a true thought leader.

Megan Sheerin Writer | Brand Strategist | Entrepreneur