Ragan provide best and worst in same inbox

Oh, our busy friends at Ragan are nothing if not prolific! With their social media site myragan.com, Ragan Report, and the peripheral newsletters Face-To-Face, Engagement Report, and the Lean Communicator, I have had to instigate ‘Ragan Rules’ filters on my email to manage the flow.

When the content is good, it tends to be excellent. There are at least a couple of items a week that warrant sharing with the extended communication team and that make useful thought starters with the managers and leaders I work with, including today’s piece on ragan.com that covers the 10 reasons you know you are not ready for social media in an organisation.

But, with volume comes variability. Today, I visited the Ragan folder and scanned the headlines from the week. The May edition of Face-to-Face, included a piece on the types of conversations adults want face to face, based on a “recent” survey.

The material had some potentially useful statistics, and I decided to go back to the source of the data. The survey by Itsasurvey.com was conducted in early 07 for whitepages.com and published over a year ago. That is a fairly loose definition of ‘recent’.

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