Re-engaged by Engagement

A nine month sabbatical is inexcusable in the world of social media. That amount of time is sufficient for new forms of media to be developed, launched, create headlines and become obsolete. The web is full of enough ‘abandoned’ blogs – so time to start the conversation again. I realise that I have not published anything to Meaning Business for that long.

In that time I have come across some great resources, read some rubbish and some insightful posts on other people’s blogs.

Last week, I presented to the 2008 Melcrum Employee Engagement Conference in Sydney

To hear the professionals from a range of organisations, all facing similar challenges and meeting those challenges in diverse, creative and effective ways was refreshing.

That, along with the activity of the IABCNSW chapter has me ready to dip my toe back in the social media pond.

A synchronistic self-indulgent footnote:
Perhaps today is the right time to be starting to post again. As I write this on a Sunday evening the ads on TV have included a Toyota ‘means business’ end of financial year sale, one for the telstra networked home pushing facebook, and some other ad that included the word engagement twice.

Speak soon


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