Communication number 7 on AFR list of business trends to watch

Boss Magazine (Australian Financial Review) published a list of 41 big ideas for leaders to watch.

Great news for communication and engagement, with these themes occuring in several forms throughout the list:

  • Motivation comes in at number one.
  • Creativity and renovation are number two. Interesting use of ‘renovation’ in which everything old can be something new (the authors considerately provide a number of examples in their choice of items for the list.)
  • Happiness is number three.
  • Crowds and teams an emergent number four.

Drum roll.

Communicating with staff comes in at number seven.

While this is definitely not news for communication professionals, it is good advice for leaders and for employees.

Why 41 Ideas? That’s something that kept me reading to the end with no answer. Perhaps the restaurant where the article theme was broached?


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