Not happy Jan – more thoughts on happiness and communication

Following on from the previous post, here are some “Not Happy” forms of communication that should be avoided.

Happy sheets
The derogatory name for on-the-spot evaluation of training, events or presentations. So named because the sheets typically capture the emotion of the event rather than measuring whether the communication was applicable and effective longer term.

Happy talk
The inability to be frank and honest about a situation, instead relying on superficial niceness, or ‘glass-half-full’ perspectives. The risk of happy talk with employees is that trust is eroded (or destroyed) when the reality of a situation is not acknowledged.
Say no to spin, kids.

“Let them eat cake”
I’m not advocating revolution, but the comment incorrectly attributed to Marie Antionette does form the philosophical platform for one style of public relations practice: keep people ‘happy’ with material things and shiny objects with one hand while ploughing on with change. In employee communication, this can surface as an over-reliance on merchandise such as mouse mats and stress balls as a key part of a communication plan in place of face to face communication.

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