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Meaning Business, Redux

Over the past two years, the Meaning Business blog took an extended break. You could go so far as to say it was dead.

In that time, the communication world has grown increasingly connected, extending the use and reuse of social media at a breakneck speed. Since last writing, microblogging through twitter and other sources has boomed, the number of facebook users has tripled. The number of voices has increased. At the same time, the economic, political and social landscape has changed.

Change brings new ideas, and I like to explore and cross the boundaries between communication, business, organisational development, the arts, politics and other sources of new thinking.

In resurrecting the Meaning Business blog I am aiming to share what I find useful from experience, seek and share ideas that have been useful, new themes and topics that stand out from the immense volume of information available to us. I have been inspired by a number of conversations with colleagues and peers in communication over the past few months and hope to create the same dialogue here.

Meaning Business joins the Ragan social network

Since it’s launch earlier this year I have been watching Ragan’s new networking site, myragan with interest.
Following the amazing number of new joins in the first days, the site now seems to have settled down to provide a good selection of tools, resources and dialogues.

My profile over there:

As an aside, the launch of the site coincided with a review of internet policies by the organisation I am working with currently – and prompted debate as to the barring of social networking sites that have a primary business or professional purpose. The result is that our firewall does allow access to the site, but not to the videos.