Getting ready for next

How can communicators use the transition from current COVID-19 circumstances as a way of thinking about what is holding us back and what is possible for the next phase of communication in our organisations?

We continue to be living and working in unprecedented times. As part of the recent round of IABC APAC Region meetups during COVID-19, and in working with clients and colleagues in Australia, in the region and globally, I am acutely aware of my fortune. As countries move through their national stages of pandemic response (and other significant challenges) I’ve listened to stories and experiences of other communication and change professionals.

My personal belief is that it’s not the right time to be making hard or universal predictions on what’s next. Instead, here’s a framing tool to consider what to keep and what to leave behind. It’s an exercise I’ve used in other settings and it’s got great potential for asking ourselves and our organisations two questions as we move to whatever ‘next’ is. In this 16 minute discussion, I look at why there is no ‘new normal’, at how communicators can use this time as a way of making choices about their practice and in how that same approach can apply to the communication industry more broadly. I’d love to know your thoughts and to continue the conversation.

How to decide what to keep and what to let go of as we move to the next phase of COVID-19

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