We are closed, thanks for your custom

A message for communicators, clients, collaborators and colleagues, October 2011

Thank you for your curiosity about communication through 2010 and 2011 and your support of Meaning Business.

In January 2012 I am joining Melcrum in the role of Research & Content Director Asia Pacific.

Meaning Business will cease operations as a communication consultancy on 22 December 2011.

Melcrum is the world’s leading group for strategic communicators. It is the leading authority on internal communication with 15 years of research, publications, summits, training including the Internal Communication Black Belt, tools and member services.

Through Meaning Business, I have partnered with Melcrum on a number of occasions, chairing the Leader & Manager Communication Summit, Sydney (2011), Employee Engagement Summit, Melbourne (2011) and SCM Summit, Sydney (2010). I also developed the curriculum for Melcrum’s new Introduction to Internal Communication training course and Change Communication for Leaders workshop.

I’m very excited about the new role and look forward to contributing to the development of strategic internal communication practice in the region.

For all queries about strategic internal communication, please contact me at Melcrum.  My correct contact details will also be on LinkedIn.

I’ve been using the handle ‘meaningbusiness’ on many web based resources, so you will still find me on twitter as @meaningbusiness, as you will in places like Storify, YouTube and Slideshare. The older blog posts on this site will also remain as an archive.

Cheers for now


*including (in no particular order) storytelling, writing – particularly screenwriting, electronic music, Antarctica, space, social responsibility, psychology, film & television, popular science, photography, social trends, Western Sydney and cephalopods.

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