Are spin and authenticity mutually exclusive?

Find out from Paul Ritchie at IABC’s October 12 lunch event.

“Spin” is one of those polarising terms in communications. Still something of a dirty word, particularly outside public relations and topically so in the wash-up of the current Australian election, it is not always seen as the best way of describing what communication management sets out to deliver.

As someone who has fiercely advocated against “spin” within organisational and employee communication, I have to confess to not being crazy about the title of Paul Ritchie’s new book, “Stay on message: the spin doctor’s guide to effective and authentic communication”.

Rather than judging a book by by it’s cover, and recognising his extensive experience in small business, government and sports administration, I am looking forward to the timely chance to hear Paul talk about his ideas at the IABC October 12 gathering.

Paul has written a practical work that has some great ideas about authentic messages in the new media environment.

See you there.

More info at

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