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For every fantastic web resource, insightful blog and great life hack that shows up in a google search there is still a lot of poor quality resources online.
When a resource continues to surprise through it’s quality, breadth, relevance and usefulness, it deserves a link.

BNET is consistent in quality, and a frequent source of tips I share in my work to help leaders communicate more effectively.

There is a subscription e-newsletter that is one of only a handful that I read regularly (rather than deleting or looking for the unsubscribe link).

And unlike other resources (like some that start with r and end with agan) that bombard you with offers and webinar invitations, BNET send their newsletter. And that’s it. Fantastic stuff.

One comment

  1. We’re blushing with pride here at BNET! While we’re terribly proud of our site, it’s wonderful to get feedback that we’re delivering useful content that helps folks get the job done (no matter what the job at hand is). Thank you for your kind words about our site and newsletter!Leslie LeiteBNET Community Manager/Newsletter Editor

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