Best of Weasel Words – get it before the site shuts down – Weekend Reading | Edition 2 |

One thing we strive for is to keep away from jargon, empty phases and spin. Lovers of clear language will have come across former speechwriter and “campaigner for plain talking” Don Watson’s book “Weasel Words”. Sadly, the supporting website ( is to be shut down – “downsized”.
In memorium, here are a few classic corporate-speak examples:
‘OTIS AT YOUR SERVICE – RE-ADJUSTMENT PROGRAM’ To enhance the performance of the vertical transportation at 222, Exhibition St, we wish to advise that the lifts are going through a re-adjustment program. Please excuse any inconvenience that the process may contribute to the lift services during this period.’
‘Are you being impacted by a Reduction-In-Force (RIF) within your agency?’ Washington State Department of Personnel
‘Also as promised, I did speak to the High Performing Organisation Project Manager (Kathy). She stated that the progress needs to be on bedding down the design prior to then going about any assessment or implementation. Kathy mentioned that from a resourcing standpoint, currently it is only set up with 1.5 FTE to deliver the design work. Following the design signoff an assessment will need to be made around how to resource up for the site gap analysis … The purpose of the end user workshops is to validate and test the design. They will involve National reps from across the DC network from DC Manager to Team Manager…’ Email from a Change Management Advisor, Coles Myer Ltd (thanks to Rebecca who says, ‘if you can decipher what it means, please let me know.)

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