TJ Larkin headlines record IABCNSW event

Change communication guru TJ Larkin last night entertained over 100 employee communication, change and human resource professionals at the IABCNSW August professional development event.

Presenting an overview of his findings and approach to communicating big change using small communication TJ proved his reputation as thought-provoking, entertaining and insightful.

TJ focussed on three elements of his report ‘Communicating Big Change Using Small Communication (available for free download from his site).

In particular, the focus was on:

– communicating early

– equipping managers to talk about the change, and

– making the content valuable to the audience (not just what managers want to say).

TJ provided a rich and entertaining set of examples that were alarmingly close to the bone for some of the audience, judging by the laughter of recognition and questions from participants.

The event was presented by IABC New South Wales and sponsored by Impact Communication.


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