IABC NSW Elects New Board

On 20 July, the IABC NSW Chapter held its annual general meeting. The following is a copy of a message sent from the immediate past president Barbara Palframan Smith regarding the meeting and election of new board members:

Dear Members,

We held a successful AGM on 20 July and for those of you who couldn’t attend, I attach my President’s Report and the Profit and Loss Statement. Some of the highlights I reported on were:
· Record attendances at our events and teleseminars;
· Membership growth – we remain the largest Chapter in the Asia Pacific Region.
· Finances in a healthy state – brought back from a loss to a profit position.

I would like to thank the Board who worked with me for nearly two years to make this happen – Simon Covill, Nicole Tankard, Peter Salt, Janet Nagly and Louise Denver. I would also like to announce your new Board for the year ahead:

Simon Covill (President)
Barbara Palframan Smith (Immediate Past President)
Nicole Tankard
Peter Salt
Jonathan Champ
Neville Anitelea
Paul Murton
Nic Allum
Marie Kelly.

We received 5 nominations for four new Board positions and voted to accept all of them. I wish the new Board much success and hope that you will join me in congratulating Simon on becoming President of the Chapter. To all the Chapter members who supported me during my term, I say a big “thank you” – and hope to see you again at the exciting events that we have planned for you in the months ahead.

Barbara Palframan Smith

I am proud to say I have been elected as one of 5 incoming board members. IABC provides an exceptional service for communicators, and I will do my best to serve our local chapter.


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