Collaborative communication enabled by technology

In a recent presentation to the IABC International Conference,
technologist and consultant Tudor Williams noted a number of emerging
trends for internal communication.
Williams quotes research from Stromberg Consulting and identifies seven
potential future trends:
1. Democratisation of information enabled by blogs, wikis and other
collaborative technologies
2. Continuation of the shift from ‘information’ to ‘influence’ for
organisational communication channels
3. Continued focus on engagement and ‘loyalty’
4. Focus on ROI
5. Globalisation
6. Simplicity
7. Personalisation

This list is interesting as it shows that some of the key concerns for
communication remain constant. The shift from inform to engage,
emphasis on demonstrable financial return and the challenges of a
global communication marketplace are not new challenges for
communication. However, the speed at which these issues need to be
addressed has changed, with the technologies leading the charge. The
challenge for communicators and leaders is to keep the balance:
accepting that technology is shaping communication practice and
designing good communication practice within those new technologies.

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