Aim for the gatekeeper

BandT Magazine recently reported that a survey of ad agencies identified the receptionist as the most important role in the company, ahead of creative director, account manager and MD.

While BandT noted some doubts about the validity of the survey, the results raise two valid points:

1. Fist impressions count. Particularly when your business IS impressions. Ensuring the first point of contact is fully informed and equipped should be a high priority.

2. In organisations, there are often ‘hidden’ influential audiences. These informal networks are powerful aids or barriers to communication. Examples include executive support roles and secretarial. These roles frequently have exposure to much change within a company, but are often not communicated with as a distinct audience. The benefits of early communication with this group can include:
understanding the priorities of the leader,
gathering feedback which will assist with communication,
tapping into their networks to ensure a message is effectively delivered.

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