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What is the COMMS plan?

Here’s the TL;DR.


The fundamental elements of the COMMS Plan approach have been captured in two webinars for IABC.

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The five-step COMMS plan: a simple powerful approach for communication planning that achieves outcomes

This webinar covers the basic concepts of the COMMS planning model, how to use it for different types of communication.

Communication planning doesn’t have to be complicated, and yet too often communicators get stuck starting with methods or messages. The five-step COMMS planning model gives communicators a scalable approach for every communication situation. Distilled from 20 years of practice and global research, the COMMS approach shifts the emphasis from the plan to the process.

In this practical webinar, learn how to identify the context for a communication initiative, clearly define outcomes, select messages and methods that will create the outcomes required, and ensure the plan has the support it needs.

At the end of the session, participants will identify and apply the seven essential communication plan success factors. Learn how to introduce this approach across your organization in the following webinar.

“Fantastic webinar! I love the simplicity of the 5 Step COMMS system. It is a great tool for educating business leaders about the communications process.”

Webinar handouts

Building your organisations communication capability with the COMMS approach

Everyone communicates. The communication function is only one part of sharing information and facilitating meaning in any organization. Yet the growth in social platforms, the role of communication partners including HR, change, project management and marketing, along with the essential communication impact of managers force communicators to relinquish control.

In this webinar, learn how introducing the five-step COMMS planning approach across an organization builds capability, provides a common process and achieves clearer outcomes. Communication functions are under pressure: extend your team’s impact through a simple framework that applies as much to manager one-to-ones as it does to project kick-offs and process changes.

This webinar builds on the planning process introduced in the previous session.

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Webinar handouts