Storyworld and Transmedia Tools

Keynote recording

The audio from the IABC14 presentation is now available on Soundcloud.


Tools to help create your corporate story-world

Use these questions to guide your story world creation

Use these questions to guide your story world creation


LEGO as transmedia storyworld

When I was looking for examples of ‘one stop shops’ for transmedia, the LEGO story is pretty much the leading example.  This article in Business Insider outlines the five things LEGO do really right.

I dicovered this example later, but this includes a fantastic diagram on how the pieces fit when transmedia is done well.

Models of Trasmedia

*I am a self-confessed LEGO fan, and will not tolerate the use of the word ‘Legos’, as I outline here


Super Mario Game of Thrones

Additional resources

Mike Jones is world leader in transmedia storyworld theory and practice. The 8-factor story model is adapted from material originally created by him for writers workshops.

Resources on cross-platform and transmedia from Screen Australia.


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