Weekend Reading | Edition 1

Weekend Reading is an occasional information email newsletter I use to share knowledge or tips with colleagues or clients. Following is a copy of the first edition:

Weekend Reading Edition 1
This is the inaugural “Weekend Reading”, an end of week note from Internal Communication covering some aspect of business communication – hopefully useful. It is going to be my attempt to indoctinate you to current communication thinking, issues and best practice, and to think about some of the ways we communicate within and beyond Human Resources.

As this first note is coming to you prior to the long weekend, I thought this story might be timely advice. And since there is so much football to be wathced or avoided depending on your preference, I’ll keep this first issue short.

Enjoy the ‘Weekend Reading’.

“Emails responsible for a drug-like grip greater than that caused by cannabis,” reports Melcrum.

The report states that trials among 1,100 people a 10 point IQ loss amongst heavy prolonged use of email. This loss is over double the average loss of four points in studies of cannabis users.

Read the full story:

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